I am Karen Goodchild

I am a Transformational Energy Healer and I help heart-centred business owners to release their money blocks and limiting beliefs so that they can accelerate their business growth with ease. 

I am a Mum of two gorgeous girls, and partner to a football fanatic.

I have travelled a lot, and have lived and worked in Japan, Indonesia and Australia.

I love music, especially 90's dance - I never really left the 90's!

I'm a sociable introvert. I love being around people, but need a lot of downtime too.

I'm practical, loyal and down-to-earth - a typical Capricorn.

My vices are coffee, red wine and chocolate, and my guilty pleasure is a good rom-com.

More and more people are feeling that they have a purpose...

...yet they are being held back by money blocks and limiting beliefs, and this has to stop. The world needs change-makers more than ever right now. It is my mission to help those who want to create change to release their resistance to money, growth and success so that they can follow their purpose and help make the world a better place. 

I was aware of my purpose long before I started my business. I spent years dreaming about it, talking about it, reading self-help books, practicing Law of Attraction techniques, and taking course after course after course. But something was holding me back from starting. I watch others succeeding, knowing that I was just as capable and qualified, wondering what they had that I didn't. 

Finally, I learnt about stored vibration and trapped emotions that were held within my body creating limiting beliefs that were totally holding me back. I started releasing my trapped emotions, raising my vibration, and consciously connecting to my Higher Self, and the change was instant. Within two weeks I handed in my notice, and within 2 months of starting my business I was earning the same about as I had been in my old job.

Finally I had found the missing link! I had found that 'something' that was stopping me.  

My journey has led me to a place of freedom

Freedom from fear, from trapped emotions, from limiting beliefs and from low vibration. It feels amazing.

I am now on a mission to help others to release their resistance around money, growth and success so that they too can start living their purpose, instead of dreaming about it for years like I did. This is why I created the Align to Abundance programme.

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I strongly believe that we all have a purpose

that involves helping others, and that right now a shift is occurring. More people are feeling the call of their purpose, and now more than ever, those people are needed. YOU are needed. My purpose is to help those that are feeling the call to help others to release the resistance that is holding them back. The resistance to money, growth and success. 

My purpose is to bring freedom for all, and freedom from all. 

If you are feeling the calling of your purpose, or perhaps you've started following your purpose already, but you're feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed, just know that there IS a way through this. The missing link is in your stored vibration, and it can be released. It needs to be released. You've got work to do! 

I believe that we can do this together. 

Let's shine. We can do this.


Why Me?

I am a certified Kinesiologist, an Emotion & Body Code Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga teacher, a Nutritional Therapist and Reiki Practitioner. I am qualified and experienced in getting the the root cause of physical, emotional and energetic issues, and providing powerful healing techniques. 

I have two Masters Degrees in Teaching and Education.

I am fully insured and work under the regulations of the Kinesiology Association governing body. 

Most importantly, I have done the work myself. The deep work that very few people manage to do. It was uncomfortable, unpleasant at times, and it was hard. But I have faced my shadows and my fears and have replaced them with love - love for myself and love for all. 

I continue to do the work - growing, learning and expanding - so that I can continue to shine my light and help others to shine theirs. 


My programmes are for heart-centred business-owners who are ready to break free from money blocks and limiting beliefs, so that they can gain the confidence and clarity to take aligned action and grow their business with ease.

The Align to Abundance Programme
Align to Abundance Online Course
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